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Our trainees and students together on course for sustainability

We trainees and students visited the Klima Arena in Sinsheim in order to integrate the topic of sustainability more strongly into our day-to-day work. The arena, which has been in existence since 2019, provides insights that explain climate change and sustainability in more detail and make them easier to understand.

The guided tour through the 1,400 m² exhibition is divided into different areas that influence climate change: Climate Change Basics, Housing and Energy, Lifestyle and Consumption and Mobility.The highlight of the excursion was the multimedia cinema, which used interactive games to illustrate increasing global warming and its consequences in the future if lifestyles remain the same.The keynote speech by Dr Bernd Welz, CEO of Klimaarena, addressed the challenges and opportunities facing companies worldwide and across all sectors. Facts and figures were used to emphasise the urgency of change.

In the concluding workshop with participants from various sectors, we collected ideas on how companies in particular can implement more sustainable and environmentally conscious measures.our conclusion: To emphasise the urgency of this topic, a visit to the Klimaarena is particularly recommended for companies and useful for promoting sustainability.

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