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What are the official opening hours of the Congress Centre Rosengarten?

The Congress Centre Rosengarten has no official opening hours, but is only open for events that usually require an admission ticket.

How do I get access to Wi-Fi on site?

Unless you are informed otherwise by the organiser, you can collect a Wi-Fi voucher with the relevant access data free of charge from the gate. These are renewed weekly for security reasons.

Why do I have to pay to for the cloakroom at cultural and social events?

Coats, jackets, umbrellas, sticks and similar items must be handed in at the cloakroom. Items must be handed in at the cloakroom on level -1 against payment of the fee of €1.50. This contribution also supports an organisation dedicated to reforestation and thus makes a positive contribution to combating climate change. Please allow sufficient time to hand in your wardrobe.

Cloakrooms are compulsory in the Congress Center Rosengarten and in almost all theatres and concert halls for fire protection and safety reasons. This is a reaction to the requirements of the fire and disaster control authorities responsible for us. According to these regulations, jackets lead to an increased risk of fire. This means that jackets can lead to an increased safety risk in situations where a quick escape is essential – e.g. fire alarms. The cloakroom requirement is therefore in the interests of safety and fire protection and is enshrined accordingly in our house rules, which every visitor accepts when entering the building.

Where are lost property items deposited?

We forward lost property to the lost property office in Mannheim. Please contact them directly.

Who is my contact for catering in the Rosengarten?

The Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim is the official catering and gastronomy partner for events of all kinds at the Congress Center Rosengarten.

When does the event tariff apply in the Rosengarten car park?

The event tariff is €7.50. It is always visibly marked at the entrance to the underground car park and on the car park ticket machines and starts one hour before the respective event.

What do I need to know about accessibility in the Rosengarten?

The barrier-free entrance at the Rosengarten gate is available for people with reduced mobility. If you are coming from the Rosengarten underground car park, please report to our service staff at the entrances.

When purchasing tickets, please note that the organisers provide special seats near the aisle to make access easier for you. For unrestricted concert enjoyment, please ask for these seats when purchasing your tickets.

If you would like support or require special assistance, please contact us at least 3 days before the event:

How can I purchase tickets for events?

m:con does not sell tickets, but merely acts as a room hire company. The organiser independently arranges the ticket sales, marketing and implementation of the respective event.

Tickets for concerts and cultural events in the Rosengarten are available at all known advance booking offices.