Monnem Bike

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The party to celebrate the 200th birthday of the bicycle

The carriageway is set to become a living space, and the bicycle takes centre stage. Visitors experience a visionary combination of modern architecture and green lifeline on the “bicycle highway” in the pedestrian zone and shopping mile, thereby rendering the advantages of a car-reduced lifestyle truly tangible.

A chilled bicycle birthday party atmosphere with sausages, Mucke Bikes that replaced the dull background noise with laid-back grooves and an “only on the bike” programme with international artists from Holland, Belgium, Colombia and Spain. And yoga cycling was offered in between to ensure proper relaxation…

Mannheim’s “squares” became a large “urban play space” that around 150,000 people used to eat, celebrate, chill out or shop with family, friends and neighbours – in the middle of streets that were otherwise always blocked off or densely populated with cars.

The young cycling community – open to alternative culture, sustainable working methods and a positive world view – met at the market square. Pop-up workshops in overseas containers offered everything to do with bikes: Pimp your Bike, Spray your Bike, Bambus Bike, Electrify your Bike, Rap n’ Bike, Bike-Wash, D.I.Y, Bike Art and so much more…

“Monnem Bike” won the BrandEx Award in Gold as a collaboration between the City of Mannheim, ottomisu communication and m:con.