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m:con offers state-of-the-art congress and event technology, for example when it comes to video and lighting: from the operation at the event to live streaming or presentation documentation, down to a specially developed m:con_vidoc. You can expect perfection down to the very last detail – which also applies to the registration of the participants and speakers, as well as the conceptual handling and media management.

We ensure that everything runs smoothly during the entire event and give you peace of mind, ensuring that your event will be a resounding success.

As well as all of the necessary information regarding event spaces, the virtual Rosengarten also provides you with an insight into our offer of technical equipment. Now nothing can stand in the way of a successful event at the Rosengarten Congress Centre!

Technical Guidelines (Download PDF)


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Abstract Handling

Through our online platform we are able to minimise the review effort and provide you with a complete overview of all review steps at any point in time. You decide if the abstract tape is formatted to CD or printed. Abstracts are automatically included in the congress programme after acceptance, and you can plan the seating and room division online. Participants can get a perspective and create their personal schedule and import that into Outlook. For us, the most important thing is the system’s user friendliness, both in the submission of the abstract as well as the evaluation.

CME / access control

The CME programme (Continuing Medical Education) offers the medical associations a certificate of participation in the certified advanced training. For this purpose, m:con has an access control system in its portfolio that records in real time who was in what course for what period of time. Entrance and exit are documented with a mobile hand scanner; the name tag is encoded with an RFID chip or barcode. During admission, the participant administration system automatically checks via a wireless connection (WLAN) if the participant has paid the fee. The access data are recorded in the database so that after the event the participant can print out their CME certificate themselves at a self-service terminal. At the same time, the electronic data transfer can be sent to the respective regional medical association.


This especially for m:con developed platform enables you to make lectures, presentations and symposiums – at a fee – available via live-stream or “on demand to an additional market segment. m:con_vidoc shows the lecture or discussion as a video and simultaneously superimposes the presentation slides. Using key words it is also possible to only access the part of the presentation which the viewer deems to be most interesting. Increase your participation capacity through selective and virtual participation possibilities and offer your congress visitors a unique additional service. See for yourself – direct in m:con_vidoc

Download Case-Study (PDF)
Donwload Pricelist (PDF)

Mobile Congressguide

Eine Informationsquelle mit hohem Mehrwert für Veranstaltungsbesucher bietet der mobile Kongressguide der m:con – mannheim:congress GmbH. Erstmals gezeigt wurde die innovative App für Smartphones und Tablets auf der Locations! Rhein-Neckar. Die Messe für außergewöhnliche Veranstaltungsräume und Eventservices fand am 29. Februar im Mannheimer Congress Center Rosengarten statt.

Media Management

For the last several years, a central media admission has become standard at our congresses. Of course, the handling has developed quite substantially: database-supported media administration and automatic distribution of presentations, password protection of the presentations and the most modern network technology have made the issuing fast and efficient. Aside from a web upload portal, there is also a personal connection to the person in charge of the event’s IT. Your speakers will have the ability to communicate with our experts in advance of the event regarding the local presentation possibilities. In this way, we can ensure that the process in the room and during the entire timeframe of the congress will not be affected by media-related “issues”.

Conference Technology / Lightning

Both our specialists’ know-how and the technical equipment itself fulfil the highest requirements. As does our lighting. From the planning and furnishing through to the installation and support of our conference technology, our expert personnel supports you in every aspect that helps make your event a multimedia success. We will implement your own individual media centre and develop creative sets and productions that are in line with your CI. m:con is your competent partner for perfect event technology.

Technical Concept and Consulting

We will gladly advise you in the concept and development of your technical production, beginning with the development of a technical concept and through the dramaturgy and production of the set and the selection of the best conference technology. Our specialists guarantee that your event will turn into an unforgettable multimedia event.

Participant Registration

Beginning with the designing of the booking forms to the address administration and participant acquisition, we’ll handle every detail. We’ll register, create and send the registration confirmation, deliver participant lists and directories as well as name tags, and we will also ensure that the participants are registered through an RFID chip or barcode in their name tags and badges. With our online registration and online collection of the participants’ fees, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Even the hotel room reservation at competitive rates belongs to our understanding of service.

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