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Congresses, workshops and events without participant limits

This platform, which was especially developed for m:con, allows you to make speeches, presentations and symposiums available to an additional market segment either by live-stream or on-demand (fee-based). m:con_vidoc presents the speech or discussion as a video with simultaneous inserts of the presentation as slides. Using key words it is also possible to access specific parts of the presentation that are of special interest to the viewer. Increase your participant capacity through selective and virtual participation possibilities and offer your congress visitors an additional and unique service.

Demovideo m:con_vidoc
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For you and your local participants, m:con_vidoc is the optimal solution for the post-processing and documentation. Wed be more than happy to make you an individual offer. Thomas Hohm, our specialist, would be more than happy to discuss the diverse uses of m:con_vidoc for your event.


Thomas Hohm +49(0)621/4106-175 | E-Mail

This is how m:con_vidoc works

m:con_vidoc is a special kind of video documentation.

In the recording of speeches, presentations or symposiums, the three sources of data ? video, audio and computer screen are synchronised. The presentation slides are integrated into the stream. Online participants can either follow the presentation live via the Internet or access it afterward through an online library. We’ll host the data for you. The user can then select between different views. With the on-demand use, the user can scroll through the slides or forward or rewind the speaker’s video.

The system offers a flexible administration of user and access rights as well as a credit card payment function with which you can decide if the content remains free of charge or can only be viewed after payment.

Advantages for Participants

  • Selective participation in individual events
  • Participation to simultaneous events at any location
  • Optimal post-processing possibilities
  • Possibilities for participants for sold-out presentations
  • Participants can selectively choose individual presentations

Advantages for Organisers

  • Increased number of participants – online
  • Online billing model via credit card payment function
  • Additional market field in the online marketing
  • Presentation can also be shown locally in various rooms
  • Better documentation possibilities

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